A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Young skeleton 'Skul', a member of the castle guards, will start his battles against the hero, the adventurers, and the emperial army on the way of rescuing his king who is taken away by the humans.
Skul's death matchs with the heroes would bring back his memories of past life, and he will learn and face his original death and the truth of this world.


Skul is a bit of special skeleton.
He can use the force and skill of other skulls by attaching them to his head.
When a skull is installed, Skul changes his form to fit to the skull and gains its own attack styles and traits.
Therefore, he can wear appropriate skulls to win the battle in the right direction!

Speedy and Animating Battles

enjoy the undead action from various skeleton characters.

Thrills from the Roguelike features

nonstop, unpredictable trials that keep changing over irreversible deaths will present you more chills.
Don't be afraid of dying! Skul the undead can come back alive over and over again :)

Fantastic Pixel Art Graphics

experience pixel art visuals made from equivalent exchange with the sweats of craftsmans


Move: ←, →
Jump: C
Attack: X
Dash: Z
Skull Swap: Space
Skill: A, S
Quintessence(Active Item): D

Inventory: Tab
Pause: ESC

Supported languages

English, Deutsch(German), 한국어(Korean), 日本語(Japanese)

Thank you and enjoy the demo!

This build is demo. Please don't mind the bugs and unfinished content.
We'll make this game more awesome soon :)

If you give us feedback and support, SKUL will be a better game

SKUL Twitter  SKUL Tumblr SKUL Email

Update v1.1

  • You can choose whether to go through a tutorial or not in the beginning.
  • The total health of the adventurers and the boss has been increased.
  • New characters: Samurai, and Berserker are in.

Update v1.1a

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Now supports Mac and Linux (Experiment)

Update v1.1b

  • Supports custom key settings
  • Now you can skip the tutorial normally
  • The minimap displays gates, gear, npc, etc
  • Oger's die animation will now play correctly
  • Fixed an issue that could hit dead body with projectiles
  • Thorn traps knock back the player
  • Player size on the minimap increased
  • Remining time and counts of skills are displayed on the UI
  • HUD CPU consumption optimized

Updated 3 days ago
Published 13 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
GenrePlatformer, Action
Tags2D, Hack and Slash, JRPG, Pixel Art, Roguelike, Roguelite, Side Scroller, Skeletons


SKUL Demo v1.1b.zip 129 MB
SKUL Demo v1.1b x86.zip 126 MB
SKUL Demo v1.1b Mac.zip 129 MB
SKUL Demo v1.1b Linux.zip 129 MB


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개인적으로 인디게임 좋아하는데 새로운 인디게임은 언제나 기쁘게 플레이하겠습니다. 화이팅!!


Waiting for full version I guess. I wish enemies were more challenging and levels were bigger though.  Can probably compete with Dead cells eventually if enough content is added.


Super cool game and ideas! i dont even have any negative feadback - except i think there is no way to access your itembag with the controller i think?


Game is gorgeous posted a vdeo on youtube: 

keyboard controls are horrid, may do a follow up with controller because that was my biggest gripe.

Tried the demo on Linux, works beautifully. Love the idea!


Como puedo descargarlo??

I'm sorry. I'm not good at Spanish, so please ask me a question in English.


Presiona el boton izquierdo del raton en donde dice "download". El archivo SKUL Demo v1.1b.zip es el que necesitan los usuarios de Windows version de 64 bits.






This was a neat experience! I'm always down for more Roguelikes, and this one felt particularly great to play. Definitely brought some new mechanics to the table with the head switching, and I liked being able to switch on the fly! I can't say much about the keyboard controls, but controller felt great. Really cool idea and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more! 


재밌게 잘 했어요. 텀블벅 후원도 하겠습니다. :) 


how do you install on mac

I'm not sure either.

Unzip and run 'SKUL Demo Mac' in the 'MacOS' folder :)

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This game is absolutely amazing!! The sound track is so beautiful and the animation is so well done, especially the explosion animation. I will say the only thing that truly bothered me is the controls. The control scheme is so awkward, it probably would have worked if I used an old school control arcade controller but on keyboard it didn’t feel great at all. I do wish I can use wasd and my mouse. Other than that the game is amazing!!


던그리드 이후로 횡스크롤 로그라이크 게임 중에서 재밌는 게임을 못 찾고 있었는데 데모지만 정말 재밌는 게임을 알게 됐네요.

거기다 제가 좋아하는 도트 그래픽까지...

장인정신으로 찍은 도트만 보더라도 얼마나 게임에 공을 들이고 있는지 알 수 있을 것 같습니다.

정식 오픈이 정말 기대되네요!


This is definitely a roguelite, they should make it more like a roguelike, to where you unlock stuff, instead of having it all unlocked and possible to get from the beginning. Though, that is my own personal opinion.


For a demo, Skul has a lot of nice things going for it. The art is really pretty, with some interesting character designs going on and smooth animations. The music is well made, and I find the intro theme especially beautiful. I also enjoy how the head mechanic works and appreciate some abilities having a delay, so the player can't just spam the "best moves." Overall, this is a good foundation, and I wish you luck finishing it.

Good job, devs.

Really great game. The animations and art are really stellar. 

And the combat is top notch, i only wish i was better at it.


This is soooooo cool! You guys must definitely make a full game! I loved every second of the demo, the art, the music, the mechanics, the story! Wonderful!

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i hope this game have chinese


Awesome game, very cool concept. Keybindings are a little unnatural for me though? So it would be nice if I could change them.


Super fun to play! Very smooth gameplay and combined with the art and animation, it made it satisfying to fight the enemy. Great Job!


Loved it will definitely play more when full game comes out. Can't wait!


Nice Game


Made a little gameplay, I really enjoyed it and hope to see a full version of it soon!