A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Guide 'Skul' on his quest to single-handedly take on the Imperial Army and rescue his King from captivity, in this action-packed rogue-lite 2D platformer for the ages.


Skul is no ordinary skeleton. Depending on which skull he's wearing, he can gain new and exciting abilities in addition to the skills he already has. Each respective skull has its own unique attack range, speed and damage. This allows for ultimate customization and let's you find the skull combo that fits your playing style best. Use up to 2 skulls at a time and switch them in the heat of battle to devastating effect. Bring your enemies to their knees!

Exciting and Fast-Paced Battles

Enjoy the wide range of characters and moves at your disposal.

The Unmatched Thrills of a Rogue-lite Game

Experience the rush of battling in an ever-changing landscape and the finality of death. But don't be afraid. The undead Skul always lives on!

Fantastical Pixel Art Graphics

Feast your eyes on cutting-edge graphics and really immerse yourself in the game.

Controls (Keyboard)

Move: ←, →
Jump: C
Attack: X
Dash: Z
Skull Swap: Space Bar
Skill: A, S
Quintessence (Active Item): D

Inventory: Tab
Pause: Esc

Thank you and enjoy the demo!

This build is just a demo, so please be understanding of any bugs or unfinished content.
We're doing our best to make this game better every day.

As always, your feedback and support is much appreciated. Thank you!

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Check out our Steam page

Update v1.1

  • The tutorial is now optional
  • The total health of the adventurers and the bosses have been increased
  • New characters: Samurai and Beserker

Update v1.1a

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Support for Mac and Linux (Experimental)

Update v1.1b

  • Support for custom key settings
  • The tutorial can be skipped normally now
  • The mini-map now displays gates, gear, NPCs, etc.
  • The ogre's death animation will now play correctly
  • Fixed an issue where projectiles could strike dead enemies
  • Thorn traps now knock back the player
  • Player size on the mini-map increased
  • Remaining time and skill counts are displayed on the UI
  • HUD CPU consumption optimized

Update v1.1c

  • Now able to open inventory on an Xbox controller
  • Key guide for controller appears when using a controller
  • Playstation Dualshock controller support
  • Lighting performance issue fixed


SKUL Demo v1.1c.zip 129 MB
SKUL Demo v1.1c x86.zip 126 MB
SKUL Demo v1.1c Mac.zip 129 MB
SKUL Demo v1.1c Linux.zip 129 MB


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How could I set the game to Chinese? I saw this game have chinese UI  on steam.

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오랜만에 게임을 재밌게 즐겼네요 감사합니다!^^

베타 버전이 플레이 해주셔서 감사합니다 뜨고 esc 누르면 원래 옵션 뜨고 1번째거 누르면 게임이 멈춥니다.


My Rating
The gameplay of the game is amazing and works extremely well, not to mention that the pixel art and the soundtrack of the game are beautiful and amazing. The story of the game is interesting (though not fully explained), the enemies are relatively difficult, which makes you wonder about their attack scheme, the adventurers are also relatively difficult for you to want to improve your player skills. And finally getting to DEMO's final boss, she's a tough boss as it should be and is totally unpredictable the first time (even after), in short, she's a boss worthy of being an ending (at least for DEMO).

I found a bug where Skul's head doubles (with his ability to throw it there), I don't quite know how it happened, but I threw it at an enemy and it doubled and when I caught one, the other disappeared. I also have another error that when you kill an adventurer and die, the count of adventurers killed is not working (at the death screen)

Things I Wish You Had (Or Not) In The Final Version
Starting with the graphics options I changed to improve game performance and make it playable for me, and there hasn't been much change (I know this is not something that should be improved, but I imagine there are other people who have a bad PC that could play this game). I would really love to have the option to change heads with a special and normal Skul, because as long as you don't have both special heads you are limited to playing with only one and not being able to play with normal Skul either (it would also be great to have the option of discarding a special head and continuing gameplay with normal and special instead of just having to replace one of the two special ones). I also wish that when you died, you had a way to improve something, such as skills or starting items and heads, with a type of coin that you collect during the game and continue when you die, I missed it because I knew the game is a roguelike / lite. Another thing is about portals, they lead to random places that don't have anything that identifies and it's acceptable that you went through a port / portal, but this is something that I know probably (certainly) is only in the DEMO version, so sorry: D.

In a nutshell, this game is simply FANTASTIC and AMAZING, and what makes it all the better is the fact that it is an action roguelike / lite, I can't wait for the final version, and without thinking twice, this quickly became my game. favorite of all time: D

NOTE: Sorry for the translation, I'm Brazilian; D

your game wont work for me

I love the game but i gotta admit, there's a few problems, mostly the pacing and difficulty.Below there's a list of the things i found while playing.

-Absolutely Stunning Animation and Sprites.
-A lot of attention to detail.
-Smooth Gameplay/Controls.
-Awesome Music.
-Skill is needed to play, you can't just spam x.
-REALLY fun to play.

-Pacing is off.
-Melee Enemies are really easy to beat.
-Sudden Jump of Difficulty, there's no transition between normal enemy difficulty to the Thief difficulty.
-No Cooldown between jabs, i know im contradicting myself but the only enemy that's a threat to your HP is the ranged ones, Melee Enemies are defenseless if they're alone.
-Story is meh, again this is because of pacing but the jump between the title screen and the tutorial is bad, you should've put a loading screen or something to transition into the story.
-Almost no replay ability, a BIG thing in making a good game is making it replayable, or else people are gonna just play it once and forget about it, that's a BIG mistake i see other games in itch.io make. Think about some ways to make it replayable, like making a challenge mode or a boss rush.

TLDR: The Game is REALLY GOOD but needs improving

Hey! Found a glitch, if you speak to someone,a chat bubble appears, well if you go to the menu and exit/new game/whatever, the chat bubble wont disappear. Just thought i could share this to the developers because i love this demo, hope the full game is just as good if not better! :) PS:Go Korea!

The demo was great! I am eagerly waiting the full game. The movement was a bit stiff,  I hope it gets better on release.

I don't know how you did it but this game has given me a raging 13in boner.


This game is incredible and I can't wait to play the full version. I would absolutely buy a full version of this game. 

Maybe the MC's sword swing could be smoother, but that is up to you, to be honest. Like, perhaps it would be cool to be able to swing like 3 in a row really smoothly. 

Great job. Great graphics. Good to great storyline. Awesome animations. Great gameplay. Beautiful level design. 5/5 stars.

Are you guys really indie? This is so good!

I played Ur game in G-STAR.

This game is absolutely cool.

Keep Play and enjoy the S-KUL :D

the characters of men is ugly , add feminine men is much better and modern


shut up boomer

we are in democracy i can speake freely but peacefully , go in iran is better for you there

we are in democracy i can speake freely but peacefully , go in iran is better for you there

Great game! Either roguelike or not will make the game really enjoyable.
If the formal version is going to be longer, isn't there a bit more item slots in need(6 slots are easy to fill)? Each one character does not seem to have a big space to grow up.


If megaman and hollow knight had a baby this would be it.

I gave this a little shot. Very impressed! Right now the difficulty tuning seems low - not much challenge from enemies right up until the Thief, and variety of moveset is pretty low at base level. The text is also quite small compared to the size of the art and it could probably use an editor etc. But it's still really impressive! I like it a bunch!

I don't know how the developers came up with such a great idea for a dungeon crawler with a little platforming to tie it all together but they did an IN-credible job!

fun game! pls continue

Hey there, I played and made a video on your game demo, it was super fun and i love the purple artstyle, its just so pleasing to look at, keep up the great work, i will definitely be playing more of this game! =] 

This game is awesome! She is perfect in everything!

It's amazing!

Love it.
I can tell alot of effort has gone into this.
Great work.

진짜 최고에요 !!! 제가 찾던 딱 그런 게임이에요!! 아쉽게도 너무 늦게 봐서 리워드 상품 구매가 불가능해서 정말 좌절했는데 ㅠ 가능하시면 남은 리워크 상품 재판매 해주세요 ㅠ

you game are great! i really enjoy it. and i tkink about things that you can added: more difficulty in the minions, boss like archer being third instead of random  knight / archer, shop at the beginning like every rougue like to buy upgrades and get more progress :)  see you!

Nintendo Switch release please

thank you very much!! i like this game~~

The game is very charming, plays great and I really loved the soundtrack! <3

Anticipating the release, wish the best for the team. :)


um... first double jump... why can't I go up??? 

I tried everything for a few minutes but didn't go up.

Perhaps in my opinion, the height of the ground changes due to a bug.

I watched a video of this game on YouTube.
So I tried to play this game but was stuck in heresy jump section. If possible, correct the height of the ground.

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I really liked this demo... any idea when the full game will be released, and where will it be available if not on itch?

My only other suggestion would be to have controller support... not just for xbox controllers please(I know that's the norm now), have button mapping please!  I always find it really awkward playing platformers with my keyboard.


Fun game but I think some of the enemies need to be smarter and not stand still like strawman, it just feels too easy at times in the game but keep up the good work SouthPAWGames, you guys have potential!


Vai Brasilian, Nice game bro, Brazil need more of this type game


The enemies need to be more agressive. Some of the enemies just stand there doing nothing until you attack them. Also, I would like to see longer sections to allow for exploration because they're way too short. Other than that, the game is pretty good.


Awesome game! Pretty challenging but doesn't have a steep learning curve. One of the better hack'n'slash rogue-like games I've played. I suggest making some sort of a main hub for Skul where possible future achievements could be displayed (I like the idea of the broken castle so maybe ability to slowly repair it as you reach some sorts of milestones?) and maybe add harder difficulties for some cosmetic rewards? All in all, I'm certainly looking for future updates!


i loved the game and completed it it took me a couple of days but it was really fun (also NO ENDING AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jk fun game!)


Your game reminds of old school game Midevel where a skull gets different upgrades as a dead knight keep up the good work.


Guys, we read every single valuable comment. Thank you for your support and interest.

Any idea of the release date? I remember seeing it on a Korean site of your that was a fund page but I can’t seem to find it anymore...


This game is really gorgeous to look at.

I really like the mechanics here. I've only played with a few 'heads', but there's already a lot of variety. It could probably be a bit faster, but maybe that's just me. Then again, the animations are very detailed and methodical, and attacks are well telegraphed, so whenever I died it was always my fault and I could tell what I should have avoided.

It's good that you can't spam the dodge to get out of everything. One thing it could definitely use is some kind of indicator when the dodge is ready again, but it's easy enough to get used to.

Don't know why, but the starting castle really tanks my framerate, but maybe it's because my PC's kind of a brick. There's no problems in normal levels with a lot of enemies on the screen, though, and that's where it matters, so it's fine.

Wow, that is exactly what we intended! except frame-drop issue :-). Thanks.


Thats one heck of a game you got running here. I enjoyed myself. Just a little flaw on the side but, please fix the grammer. But otherwise I realy had fun.


so uhm... I think I am the problem, but I can't run the game on Mac.

when I run the unzipped file from the Mac OS folder and it opens the text edit and it doesn't let me play the game.

if its a problem due to my lack of brain cells I apologize.

Thank you.

Thanks for your comment. Actually I'm not familiar with Mac OS.But I hope more players can enjoy our game. So we are now investigating the problem on Mac OS.

I guess the problem is due to the name of the game directory. And that was my fault, my brain cells, but not your brain cells :). Could you try running the file 'Contents\MacOS\SKUL Demo Mac'?

The file leads Macs users to a TextEdit application.


Awesome game i enjoyed every second i played, Great job!


Great Background and interesting enemies


it is a very cute game and the nostalgia of kirby and other nintendo classics are very rich in this game well done!!!

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